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Surfy Surfy 1 year anniversary



We went to the Surfy Surfy 1 year anniversary event last Saturday. We had our donation goods in the store, and our caps were very popular items that night.

They had nice music, people, drinks and a little snack to celebrate. Tomoe Project friends from Spain joined the party, and we had a great time! Eskerrik asko Adur eta Alba!

When we got there about 9:30pm, it was already full, and the Red Fox Tail was playing awesome music as always.

Because there was only tiny space in front of the band, it was almost impossible to dance…

…BUT there is NO impossible things in the world for our friends??

One guy (you can guess who he was, right?) started dancing!!! And others joined him to make it more fun. Everybody was worried about surf boards as someone could break them.

Hahaha, it was an another fun night.

BTW, a Surfy Surfy partner, Jon Pankopf, learned Japanese calligraphy in a surprisingly short time and made donation tees with his cool artwork! We are glad that people here are very creative to keep supporting Japan! Thank you very much, Jon and JP!

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