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Always help needed… please get involved!


One more post tonight.

I am pretty sure that most of you have known what happened in Joplin, Missouri a few days ago… a deadly tornado hit this small Midwestern town and destroyed 1-3 of the town… hundreds of people died, and hundreds of people are still missing…

Please remember that people who need urgent help are not only in Japan… The damages in Joplin may be as bad as in Sendai… It requires significant collective as well as individuals efforts to rebuild the town.

Thousands of people from Arkansas to Tennessee are also suffering…

We have recently seen a drastic decline in volunteers in the affected area in Japan and monetary donations to the affected people in Japan… but as we can all imagine, they need long-term continuous support! Please do not forget this. Please also realize that always there are people who need our help… not only in Tohoku, Joplin… but also in a country which you may have never heard of or even in your community. Please be active in anyway you can and keep getting involved.


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