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Board Swap at Patagonia Cardiff


Hello everyone!

How are you? We haven’t updated this website lately but we are still doing donation activity.

We participated the Board Swap at Patagonia Cardiff on last Saturday, July 23. Patagonia provided space for local surfers to sell or trade their boards, and also for us, Tomoe Project, to sell our products! The Board Swap and Tomoe Project were both successful. There were a lot of people buying nice boards, like our designer :), making money from used boards, and helping us by buying our donation goods!

Many thanks to Patagonia for cooperation!!

It was beautiful and HOT day, not like last summer. We were almost melted under the strong sunshine before we got a tent.

We appreciate that people still care about Japan. We sold many items that day. Few people came to our booth and just gave us some money for donation.

Thank you!! We still keep going:)


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