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Cardiff Surf Classic & Rerip Green Fest


Hey Friends!! How’s it going??

It has been long long time for Tomoe Project not participating local events. There is Cardiff Surf Classic & Rerip Green Fest today(9/17) and tomorrow at Seaside Reef. We had CA Bear goods and Eco bags to help Japan. It was overcast and a little chill in the morning:( but sun came out in the afternoon:) Seaside Reef parking lots are so big, and there are many booths there. One of the booths were giving away free mustache. Yes! It looks so natural with Noah… it’s the best fashion today.

 We are sharing the booth with our designer, Studio Auto, who also designed the event tees for last year and 2 years ago.

It has been about 6 months since the tragic earthquake and tsunami… People are still struggling from their situation. Of course, it is recovering a little by little; however, it takes almost forever to get close to normal.

We already donated about $7000 of money, arts and clothing to support the victims and volunteers in Japan. Your contribution makes people, who lost so many things happier.

Huge thanks to all of you!!! 

By the way, I had a nice lunch from Green Truck. A lot of peace for Japan;)


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