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Special thanks to Kristi and future kindergarten teachers!





A message from Kristi Fiscus

I have been inspired by the Tomoe Project’s contribution to Japan since the International Festival at CSUSM. Since then, I have actively participated at the Encinitas Environment Day and spread the word to family and friends about this cause. Being a part of Team Tomoe has given me the opportunity to make a difference. I am so honored to be a part of this team and to have met such wonderful, dedicated people who are so passionate about this cause. They truly inspired me to continue to reach out and what better way than to educate my fellow cohort members–future educators. The CSUSM Bonsall Cohort is a group of graduate students who are pursuing a career as elementary educators through the multiple-subject credential program. A part of our College of Education mission statement at CSUSM is to prepare thoughtful educators committed to diversity and ongoing service. We are huge advocates for multiculturalism, and we feel it is important to be aware and understanding of different cultures. I informed my classmates about the Tomoe Project, and they were inspired and interested to help support this great cause. I had suggested a $5 donation, but we went above and beyond and raised $200 for the Tomoe Project!!! I was overwhelmed by their generosity, considering some of us are working full-time and going through this 40+ hour week program on a tight budget. We feel that it is important to educate and support causes like these, so we can pass on our knowledge to educate our students. We, the CSUSM Bonsall Cohort, have become like a family. I feel like Team Tomoe is also like a family. From one family to another, we wish the best to all those affected in Japan. Our thoughts and hearts go out to them, and we are firm believers that through education, we can educate people to become more aware and understanding of situations like these. Just because disasters are over doesn’t mean that the people of Japan don’t still need our support. We would like to thank the Tomoe Project for starting this organization, and we, the CSUSM Bonsall Cohort, will continue to spread the word and educate others.


Thank you very much, Kristi! We love you all very much!

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