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Ishinomaki 2012


It has been more than a year from the earthquake and tsunami happened in Tohoku area. When you go to Tokyo or even Sendai, you cannot see dramatic damages any more. They recovered pretty quick. However, Ishinomaki city where tsunami hit is still on the long process.

One part of the city looks empty. There are rusty clocks on the school and the kinder garden’s building stopped at 3:40 p.m. which was the tsunami hit. There are still many houses that are waiting for being demolished.  It feels very different from the pictures that you can see on the magazines or newspaper. I couldn’t say any word in front of  this site.

This area (picture above) was a business district. There were many stores on the street.

Even though many people are working so hard to make this situation better, this area has changed just a little little bit from a year ago while major city has been recovered.  People are still struggling from the tsunami.

We shouldn’t forget this. Not everyone can do volunteer, but we can do something to support. Donating money, writing about this in your blog, or reminding someone.  People still needs help.

This place was a store which was selling kitchen facilities. You can see the floor but no building. 

Let’s keep up, Ishinomaki!!!

We can do it!!


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