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Encinitas Environmental Day 2011


The Tomoe Project participated in the 5th Annual Encinitas Environment Day on June 5th. We set up a booth to sell our donation goods to continue in our efforts to raise money for the Japan Relief effort.

Our neighbors were Kids For Peace, a co-ed group similar to Boy/Girl Scouts that works for peace through cross-cultural service. They provided an opportunity for people to make cards for kids in Japan. As time passes from the tragedy in Japan, we want to remind everyone that help is still needed. We’re happy to join in Kids for Peace’s effort!

Rallying our community of volunteers, Team Tomoe worked to support the local Encinitas Community throughout the course of the day. We became experts in paper making, composting and pedal powered smoothies, and flexed our muscles to help in clearing out the park at the end of the day.

Our own Shinya Uekusa and his Cal State San Marcos colleague, Abraham Marquez, presented on the social repercussions of water quality problems in Imperial County.

We are so happy to be involved in our local Encinitas Community where many of us live, surf and play. Thanks for having us!

More pics of new “CA Bear Help for Japan” tees and tanks


Here are some more photos of new Tomoe Project tees and tank tops. These charitable tees and tanks are available at or at selected stores across the world ūüôā You can also contact us¬†to pick up one! Please keep getting involved as people in Japan need your continuing support!

New Tomoe Project CA bear tees and tank tops!



Very exciting! We just picked up new Tomoe Project CA bear tees and tank tops today at Forward Screen Printing!

We have decided to make more tees and tank tops to provide more opportunities to raise our Japan earthquake and tsunami relief fund. I know a lot of you guys have already donated your $$$ and time in many different ways and cannot afford anymore… If you want (and can afford), please take advantage of this opportunity to keep supporting the affected people in Japan and enjoy our quality donation tees and tanks! These tees and tanks look as cool as our previous tees ūüôā

Studio Aiuto voluntarily designed this tees and tank tops again! Thank you very much, Tak and Jaime!

Here is our new Tomoe Project inside neck tag. It looks cool, doesn’t it?

These new tees and tank tops will be available soon at the Noah Ka Oi online store and our friends’ stores. If you are interested, you can also shoot us an email at¬†

We hope that you can take advantage of this opportunity to KEEP supporting the affected people in Japan. As you can imagine, the recovery process is very long, and Japan and the affected people need your continuing support! Please keep getting involved!

Arigato, friends!

A message from Sean + Forward Screen Printing



Here is a warm message from one of Tomoe Project friends, Sean, Forward Screen Printing! Sean owns a screen printing company in North County San Diego and has helped us make quality Tomoe Project donation goods. Sean is very professional and dedicated, and this is very important, he is a really nice person! He has agreed to support our project and the affected people in Japan, and his contribution has been significant!


Thank you very much, Sean and Forward Screen Printing, for your significant contribution to the project and people in Japan! It has been our pleasure and honor to work with you! Without your support, this project would not have been as successful…

Much aloha,

Tomoe Project

Always help needed… please get involved!


One more post tonight.

I am pretty sure that most of you have known what happened in Joplin, Missouri a few days ago… a deadly tornado¬†hit this small Midwestern town and destroyed 1-3 of the town… hundreds of people died, and hundreds of people are still missing…

Please remember that people who need urgent help are not only in Japan… The damages in Joplin may be as bad as in Sendai… It requires significant collective as well as individuals efforts to rebuild the town.

Thousands¬†of people from Arkansas to Tennessee are also suffering…

We have recently seen a drastic decline in volunteers in the affected area in Japan and monetary donations to the affected people in Japan… but as we can all imagine, they need long-term continuous support! Please do not forget this. Please also realize that always there are people who need our help… not only in Tohoku, Joplin… but also in a country which you may have never heard of or even in your community. Please be active in anyway you can and keep getting involved.


From Switzerland!



I just got an email from Switzerland with nice picture (If you do not know where Switzerland is, please google it, not Sweden though! haha!)

Our Swiss friends Phillipe and Joelle got Tomoe t-shirts and hat, and they are very happy with them! I have known them for about a decade… Such a beautiful couple!

Merci, Phillipe und Joelle! Support from¬†thousands¬†of miles away… it is beautiful!

From Basque Country



Do you know where the Basque Country is??? If not, google it now pleeeeeeeeease!

Our friends from the Basque Country (thousands of miles away from San Diego and Japan) have helped us raise the Japan earthquake relief fund! Here is a short message from Adur for people in Japan and Tomoe Project friends.

After Adur and Alba made a short stop in San Diego, Ion, Mikel and Pablo also came by to pick up our t-shirts and hats to support our project and people in Japan.

Eskerrik asko, mis amigos queridos! Sois campeones!

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