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Surfy Surfy 1 year anniversary



We went to the Surfy Surfy 1 year anniversary event last Saturday. We had our donation goods in the store, and our caps were very popular items that night.

They had nice music, people, drinks and a little snack to celebrate. Tomoe Project friends from Spain joined the party, and we had a great time! Eskerrik asko Adur eta Alba!

When we got there about 9:30pm, it was already full, and the Red Fox Tail was playing awesome music as always.

Because there was only tiny space in front of the band, it was almost impossible to dance…

…BUT there is NO impossible things in the world for our friends??

One guy (you can guess who he was, right?) started dancing!!! And others joined him to make it more fun. Everybody was worried about surf boards as someone could break them.

Hahaha, it was an another fun night.

BTW, a Surfy Surfy partner, Jon Pankopf, learned Japanese calligraphy in a surprisingly short time and made donation tees with his cool artwork! We are glad that people here are very creative to keep supporting Japan! Thank you very much, Jon and JP!

Messages from Tomoe Project founders – Noah



Here is a message from Noah, one of the Tomoe Project founders! Thank you very much for your continuing contribution!

World wide fundraising efforts!


Our friends/partners from other countries are helping us raise our relief fund!

Some of our Swiss frienfs stopped by San Diego on their way to Mexico and picked up some tees and hats! Danke, Bene, Anja and Adrian!



We have also shipped our donation tees, hats and bags to Italy, Japan, Spain and Switzerland.

In Spain, Tomoe Project tees and hats are available at Pukas in Zarautz. In Italy, many thanks to Akane who is organizing a table and selling our donations items at local events in Milano.

We thank you all for your friendship and significant contribution to our project!

4/14 Tomoe Project at CSUSM International Fair


Thank you very much, CSUSM students and staff (and other community members!) It was a wonderful day (maybe too hot…); we were glad to be a part to celebrate our cultural diversity on campus (and share some nice international food). It was another successful day to raise Japan earthquake and tsunami fund!

Special thanks to Mai Yamaguchi and the following CSUSM international student volunteers for their contribution.

Kazuaki Kageshima, Erika Nakatake, Nanae Fukugori, Ayako Otsuka, Natsuki Ando, Cory Shcket, Kokoro Hyodo, Marie Hitomi, Ai Kobayashi, Jumpei Okada, Eri Kamakami, Rei Fukuda and others.

Special thanks to Danielle McMartin and Junko Miyoshi, our long time friends, for letting us plan the fundraiser table (and your continuing support for all international students).

Mira Costa College support!


Special thanks to Mira Costa College, one of the local community colleges in San Diego. Tomoe Project appeared on their student new paper “The Chariot” on 4/11/2011.

Sayaka from Institute for International perspective and Kazu, an Accounting major international student have been working with us to organize donation at Mira Costa College. Thank you very much, Sayaka and kazu!

We visited Mira Costa College again on 4/8 when this college hosted a movie event on campus. Many people came to watch a Japanese film by Yoji Yamada, “Kabei, our mother” and supported our project.

Thank you very much for your collective as well as individual support, Mira Costa, Sayaka and Kazu!

We will visit California State University San Marcos during International Fair on 4/16 11:00-16:00. We will be hosting a table with Japanese students and selling our donation goods! Se  you then???

Grazie mille!

Congratulations, Holly!


Holly Yang came by Patagonia Cardiff today to pick up the R3 wetsuit she won at the Surf Indian/Tomoe Project “Hang Together” Japan Benefit event last weekend.

Congratulation, Holly! Thank you all for your continuing support!

Fundraising at Mira Costa College


We visited a local community college today to raise Japan earthquake and tsunami relief fund today! It was very successful! Many thanks to Kazu, Japan Club, volunteer students and Mira Costa students for your support!

(text by Kazu and photo by Noah and Shin)

Today, we got very very nice successful of “Tomoe Project in MiraCosta”!!

Our friends and MiraCosta students bought a lot of products today!

Actually, we sold for more than $2000 and around $1000 for students who are going to MiraCosta and got damage by cragy earthquake.

Everybody said “Wow! These products are so cool” They were glad to get our products.

So, we have another donation in San Elijo Campus on this coming Friday!

Thank you very much desu!!

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